Exploratory Research

Market research and feasibility studies

Business plans

Statistical and demographic analysis

Best practices research

Types of mandates:
  • Complete a feasibility study of eight (8) new college programs in the health area for the francophone college of Alberta
  • Produce business plans for the establishment of new college and university-level programs for institutions throughout Canada
  • Complete a business plan for the purchase of a building to house a group of francophone organizations under one roof in metro Toronto
  • Develop a business plan for the creation of a social enterprise in the food area
  • Produce a business plan for the rebuilding of a cultural centre including a theatre with production and exhibits areas
  • Develop a statistical and demographic profile of post-secondary students pursuing studies as a result of articulation agreements in Ontario
  • Report on a federal department and its agencies’ investments on official language minority communities
  • Analyze and report on  Canada-wide best practices in primary health care delivery to minority Francophone communities
  • Research and compile success stories in community economic development in Canada.